Product information for Travel Blue Protective Pod - Small.

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This rigid and hard wearing pod will protect your phone at all times. High quality metal clip. Clip can be twisted 180 degrees to carry the phone horizontally and vertically.

Part number: 732
Colours: black
Minimum Quantity: 6
Guide Price: £4.99

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Travel Blue Sleep Pillow (Part number: 226)
An inflatable pillow, scientifically designed to promote restful and healthy sleep. It aligns the spine whilst cradling the head whether sleeping on the side or on the back. Made of high quality, allergy tested, washable, velveteen fabric for maximum comfort. Packs in a travelling pouch when deflated.

Travel Blue American Adaptor (Part number: 171)
For use in the USA, Japan, Australia, New-Zealand, Mainland China and other countries with similar systems. Suitable only for appliances operating on 220/250 volts. This adaptor will not convert voltage Use earth appliances only in earthed sockets Fully tested and approved this adaptor complies with low voltage electrical equipment (Safety) regulations 1989, with reference to BS 5733: 1991

Travel Blue Comfort Bands (Part number: 501)
Helps relieve nausea caused by air, sea or land travel. No side effeclts such as drowsiness. Can be used at all times. Suitable for adults and children - one size fits all.

Travel Blue Pegless Clothes Line (Part number: 091)
An ingeniously designed clothes line which does not require pegs. Stretch the clothes line and push laundry between the elastic strands Also with suction hooks - Ideal for bathrooms and smooth surfaces

Travel Blue Mosquito Repellent Kit (Part number: 410)
This 220/240V plug-in electrical appliance, adapted to European voltage, ensures peaceful leisure sleep. Comes with 20 vapour-emitting tablets which repel insects effectively for 10 hours.

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