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2 Pcs Highlighter (Part number: 19662002)
2 Pcs Highlighter 2 Colours fluorescent pink and yellow Warning this product is not available for the German market we therefore cannot process any orders for the German market

3 In 1 Marker (Part number: 10623000)
3 In 1 Marker Fluorescent pink yellow and green

2 in 1 Hili pen (Part number: 10628400)
2 In 1 Hili Pen Highlight your business with this 2 in 1 highlighter and ballpoint pen

Building Bricks Highlighter (Part number: 10626200)
Building Bricks Highlighter Playful highlighter shaped in different coloured building bricks

Manaus 2 In 1 (Part number: 10626400)
Manaus 2 In 1 Ballpoint and highlighter Carton

Desk Marker Set (Part number: 10622800)
Desk Marker Set 2 Pcs markers and 2 colours of marking notes are included

5 Colours Flower Highlighter (Part number: 10622900)
5 Colours Flower Highlighter Fluorescent pink yellow blue orange and green

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